Elizabeth Macarthur: A Life at the Edge of the World is a fascinating new biography written by our very own Michelle Scott Tucker.

We always knew she could write, but this book is seriously impressive. And available in all good book shops, BTW. Here’s what some literary luminaries have to say about it.

‘Finally, Elizabeth Macarthur steps out from the long shadow of her infamous, entrepreneurial husband. In Michelle Scott Tucker’s devoted hands, Elizabeth emerges as a canny businesswoman, charming diplomat, loving mother and indefatigable survivor. A fascinating, faithful portrait of a remarkable woman and the young, volatile colony she helped to build.’ CLARE WRIGHT

‘The triumphs and trials of Elizabeth Macarthur, a capable businesswoman and dedicated wife and mother, are given their due in this impressively researched biography.’ BRENDA NIALL

‘An intimate portrait of a woman who changed herself and Australia … Michelle Scott Tucker makes Elizabeth Macarthur step off the page.’ DAVID HUNT author of Girt

‘There are not many biographies or histories of Australia that are unputdownable, but this one is. Highly recommended!’ LISA HILL, ANZLitlovers

‘And we end up with not just Elizabeth’s story but a whole new perspective on the early years of the colony.’ BILL HOLLOWAY, The Australian Legend