ACIG’s consultants have worked nationally and internationally with many cultural and sub-cultural groups. We recognise and respect the diversity of cultural expression including the sensitivities required when interacting with each unique community’s social mores, laws and epistemologies. ACIG consultants operate within an agreed set of values – articulated formally and incorporated into daily practice.

We have, for example, worked successfully with clients and stakeholders throughout Asia and the Pacific. Our work in Tajikistan, China, Southeast Asia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Nepal could not have succeeded without our consultants’ openness, enthusiasm and diplomacy. Our work overseas has helped us to recognise that the diverse cultural backgrounds, languages and abilities of Australians are some of this country’s greatest strengths.

Within Australia ACIG consultants have also worked with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders. From senior government executives to factory workers in regional Victoria; from elderly hospital patients to youthful apprentices; from community house volunteers to local government officials – we have learned that one approach certainly does not fit all.

We work in many locations and in many organisations. In our experience, it is simply naive to assume the existence of a single and unique culture. Take the example of a single government agency: different operational teams work with quite separate organisational cultures and values. Each section may interact, to a greater or lesser degree, with others – usually with those in its own branch, sometimes with those in other branches. But the cultural and operational separation between Divisions, or between special purpose areas like the legal team or the records managers, is likely to be quite significant.

Each assignment, each of our formal methodologies, is tailored to the unique needs of the key stakeholders.