About ACIG

Australian Continuous Improvement Group (ACIG) was founded in 1992. Over more than 25 years we have built an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality services.

We have worked successfully with federal, state and local government agencies as well as with the finance, health, manufacturing, utilities and service sectors. ACIG consultants are also active internationally, working with not-for-profit organisations from around the world.

Seasoned professionals, our team members deliver their insights with a high degree of intellectual rigour and candour. All are highly regarded individuals who have many years of experience across government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors.

In addition to our team of in-house consultants, we are fortunate to access a group of associates with extraordinary levels of expertise in their particular specialty. They range from single person freelancers (retired academics, former senior executives and public servants) through to larger organisations such as Roy Morgan Market Research.

Our associate model enables ACIG to remain responsive and flexible, able to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

ACIG’s consultants and associates are skilled at identifying and making balanced recommendations for our clients. Our focus remains steadfastly upon what can – and will – be achieved in a practical way.

Our activities and findings are always based on a sound methodology. Any recommendations we make will be practical and implementable – we have many years’ experience at helping organisations to achieve real and beneficial change. Last, but certainly not least, we engage our clients and their stakeholders throughout our work so that, by the time we get to the end result, they genuinely own the resulting outcomes.

Australian Continuous Improvement Group Pty Ltd
is a privately owned company that can legally enter into contracts.
ACN: 005 821 821 | ABN: 51 005 821 821

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