Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future.  John F Kennedy.

Beyond Improvement

With ACIG, your organisation can move beyond improvement.
Evaluation. Improvement. Innovation. Not a linear progression but an
ongoing cycle of excellence.


Understand how you are performing, whether you are reaching your goals, and
inform your decisions about what to do next.

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Do better with less.  And ensure that any cultural changes are
sustained so that people’s efforts improve over time.

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  • Innovate

    Reduce cost and risk while improving performance.  Use a new approach
    to service delivery which addresses your complex challenges.

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     Evaluations of Lapsed Programs

    ACIG has a great deal of experience working with State Government Departments
    and Agencies to prepare evaluations of lapsed and lapsing programs to meet
    relevant Treasury guidelines.

    For example, for the then Victorian Department of Sustainability and
    , ACIG delivered the River Red Gum Parks and Reserves
    Establishment Evaluation Study in late 2012.  This was a program evaluation
    delivered to the requirements of the Victorian Department of Treasury and
    Finance’s Evaluation policy and standards for lapsing programs.

    More information about, and examples of, ACIG’s
    Evaluation Services is available here

    ACIG is fully pre-qualified member of the NSW Government’s Performance and
    Management Services scheme, and can be approached for quotations at any

    Government Panels

    Did you know that if you work for one of the organisations listed below, you
    can engage ACIG without going through a formal tendering process?

    Panel membership means that ACIG has already been through a selection process
    and has an existing contractual arrangement.  Staff can therefore seek
    formal Requests for Quotations (RFQs) from ACIG without going to open

    And did you know that in many cases you can use the panels of another
    organisation?  Every Australian Government agency, for example, can use the
    Department of Social Services’ Social Policy and Research Services Panel to seek
    quotations from ACIG.

    Talk to your Corporate Services area for more information.

    • Austrade Capability
      Building Services Panel 
      (this panel can also be accessed by
      the Attorney-General’s Department; Defence Materiel Organisation; and the
      Office of National Assessments)
    • City
      of Stonnington (1)
      – Provision of Specialist Strategic, Social
      and Corporate Planning, Consulting, Advocacy and Temporary Staffing
    • NSW Government – Performance & Management Services
      Pre-qualified Supplier
    • Port Phillip City Council – Coaching, Facilitation &
      Team Development Panel