ACIG Environmental Impact Policy

The Australian Continuous Improvement Group (ACIG) recognises it has a responsibility to ensure its operations have minimal direct and indirect impact on the environment.  This responsibility extends to all employees, associates, contractors and visitors to ACIG’s work site.

The directors of ACIG are committed to providing a working conditions, systems and procedures that have minimal environmental impact through the implementation of risk prevention and reduction strategies that are integrated into all business activities.  A consultative, co-operative approach between employees and management on environmental issues will be encouraged.

Policy objectives

  • To comply with all environment related legislation
  • To minimise the occurrence of environmental impact through systematic review of processes for impact potential. The review will extend to transport, recycling of stationery, minimising waste, minimising energy usage, use of biodegradable chemicals, minimising noise.
  • To investigate incidents that breach the intent of this policy with a view to preventing recurrence.
  • To maintain written records on all environmental activities undertaken.
  • Adequate resources will be provided to support this policy.


As employers, the directors of ACIG have direct responsibility for ensuring the policy objectives are fulfilled and that the necessary resources are provided to achieve effective implementation.  This responsibility extends to actively promoting processes and activities which minimise environmental impact and to identifying environmental impact training needs of both individual staff and the team as a whole.

The Managing Director is the environment management representative by default, however a management team member with appropriate seniority may be nominated by the Managing Director to act as the employer’s Environmental Impact representative in an operational capacity.  Project Managers and Assignment Team Leaders are responsible for environmental impact activities of staff and associates within their team. All staff have a responsibility to take reasonable care of the environment by their acts or omissions and to report any activities which breach the intent of this policy.

ACIG is committed to ensuring this policy is publicised and implemented and regularly monitors and reviews its effectiveness.